Monday, March 17, 2014


 I know I'm about 16 years late but I have finally jumped on the Sex and the City bandwagon. I can finally see what the buzz is about!  I might have a bit of an obsession.  My favorite character has to be Samantha, I love how confident she is; it’s very refreshing. However, this outfit is totally inspired by Carrie. Although I don't think I could wear half the stuff she does, the big poufy skirts I could get used to. Also, who doesn't love a good Manolo Blanik, not that I have any of those! 

What Sex and the City character is your favorite?

Monday, March 10, 2014


Happy Monday everyone! I've had this pictures for quite a while now and I didn't really like them at the time, but I think I had a change of heart. Besides, I really love this outfit! At first I debated whether or not to wear this skirt with the matching top but I think it turned out fine, I just wish the photo's had too!

(P.S. To my fellow bloggers out there, How do you manage to take pictures when in front of people passing by? I get so embarrassed. )

Monday, March 3, 2014


Hi everyone, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! It's been to weeks since my last post and that is just not acceptable! School is definitely taking over my life, so much that I bought this blouse for doing a post on Valentine's day! Oh, well. I guess better late than never, right?